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“I wonder how I ever managed to get by without getAbstract – this must be the single most effective productivity improvement in my reading since years. I’ll definitely be recommending it to others!”
– Lars Marowsky-Bree
“The summary is SO well done, and I will be able to use it in so many ways. I’ll be sending people straight to getAbstract.com!”
– Joelle K. Jay, PhD, author of The Inner Edge.



get 10% off by using this link on the latest book summaries of getabstract.com. Staying abreast of key business trends is vital to business success. And much of this expert knowledge resides in books. But the average business book takes 5-10 hours to read. Thus, the typical manager completes just one business book a year, barely skimming the surface of crucial business knowledge.

The solution: getAbstract’s business book summaries. Our experienced business writers compress all the important points of a book into just five pages. Each summary is readable in only 10 minutes, not the 10 hours it can take to read an entire book. As a result, typical getAbstract users download dozens of book summaries each year, maximizing their exposure to important business literature.


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